We went on a offer we were given on November 30-December 3rd. This was for their Great Gift Wrap Up event.

We got an email weeks prior saying that if we attend the event we would also get a FREE CRUISE VOUCHER emailed to us 2 weeks after attending the event. We took advantage of this and attended the event. Did everything we were suppose to do. 2 weeks later nothing in our email.

I contacted total rewards in mid December. They said someone will get back to me. Several days later contacted them again. Same thing (someone will get back to me) After my fifth call I demanded to speak to someone in charge.

They directed me to a complaint department. A women named Burnadette (located at Caesars helped me. She said she will be dealing with this and for me to deal with her directly. This was Jan.

3rd. I spoke to her almost daily and still nothing. I am not even sure if she is really dealing with this or simply someone to divert pissed off customers in hopes they will stop calling. I finally got upset when after my 5th call she asked to show proof that we attended the event and I had to fax her the offer we were booked under and my email from my casino host who booked this for us.

I asked why is this becoming such a big deal since all they had to do is check my Total Rewards number and check our account to show that we were indeed there. It stared seeming like we are asking for something that we were no suppose to have gotten. I reminded her that as a loyal customer of Caesars for over 20 years and a yearly Diamond player this is not how I or anyone should be treated. I reminded her that there are other establishments on the strip that would be more then happy to take our business being that I have spent hundred of thousand in their casinos.

Her comment back to me was if you don't like how we do things here then we cant help you and dont threaten me that you will leave us as I dont care. WOW. really? This is a customer service person.

All I want is what we were suppose to be given by attending this event. This is disgraceful having someone that clearly doesnt care about their job or the value of a long standing customer. I have contacted her several time after and all she continues to tell me she is still dealing with it. Seriously people, a month later and were still dealing with this?

Who is in charge? I asked to speak to someone above her and she said she is it. There is no one else.

Well then why is this not yet solved. VERY UPSET HERE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Caesars Entertainment Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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